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Warehouse data entry fields

Isadora Bombonatti
Isadora Bombonatti
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To better understand each warehouse data entry field's meaning, read the full description below:

  • ID: warehouse ID field, comprised solely of letters, numbers, hyphen and underline. Optional field which, if left blank, will be automatically filled in by the system.
  • Nome: warehouse's name.
  • Delivering from: link your new warehouse to loading docks that will use it. More than one loading dock can be selected and the processing time and extra fee can also be configured for each loading dock.
  • Processing time: time taken into account when calculating delivery time. If left blank, the default value 0 will be given.
  • Extra fee: value that will considered when choosing the most advantageous loading dock for a specific delivery. The lower the value, the more priority this loading dock will have for deliveries from the warehouse you are currently adding. This value is not used for calculating shipping costs.
  • Pickup points: field that's part of the VTEX inStore settings. Before selecting this options, you need to already have an existing pickup point linked to your store. You can add one by selecting the pickup points section from within inventory & shipping in Admin. In case you're not using VTEX inStore, leave this field blank.

    for more on adding pickup points, read this article.

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