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How the priority rule on freight calculation works

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This rule was created in order to preselect the best delivery option for the customer, when the calculation of the freight is done on the product or cart pages, or during the checkout.

The amount of information that will be used to define the best option will depend on the amount of stock, carriers and docks that were registered for each delivery route.

To perform this calculation, the platform considers all deadlines that are registered on the logistics module at each stage of route, considering time cost and overhead.

The latter is a field that exists only on the dock database. It is a value that will be virtually considered to increase the delivery time of the freight to goes through that dock, if there are any docks that have the same priority level.

The priority calculation follows the order below.

  1. Lowest number of shipments.
  2. Lowest freight value, considering eventual additionals and sales.
  3. Shortest delivery time, considering all time costs, from the stock to the carrier, plus the overhead.
  4. The priority registered in the warehouse dock. The one with highest value wins.

When setting up the kit, make sure that all kit components are in stocks that are assisted by the same dock. Without this setup, the delivery of the kit is not possible.

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