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How Order Authorization works

Cris David
Cris David
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In the Order Management module, Order Authorization allows you to control approvals for orders in your store that have a price divergence.

autorização-de-pedidos EN

This divergence in price between orders may occur in two main scenarios:

Manual Discounts

When the order originated in the store itself using manual discounts, applied by the sales reps of that store, for example.

Price Divergence

When the order originated in an external marketplace, with a different price than that registered with the seller.

To avoid a loss in revenue due to integration errors or orders which has their prices manually altered, the order Authorization allows for rules to be set for each variation percentage rate that exists in your store, such as:

  • From 0% to 5% variation, the order will be approved automatically.
  • From 5,01% to 30% variation, the order will be sent to the user 'user@example.com' for approval.
  • From 30,01% to 100% variation, the order will be automatically denied.

To configure the second rule, granting users permissions to approve orders is necessary.

In such cases, the user registered as responsible receives a notification for each new order waiting-for-manual-authorization, through VTEX DO.

When notified, the user should:

  1. Access the details of the desired order in All orders, located in the Orders Management module;
  2. Select the Approve order button;
  3. Confirm agreeing to the impact of their actions.

The remaining orders, classified in the variation % rates with automatic rules will be automatically processed by the system.

It's not possible to configure order Authorization to approve orders hierarchically or by approval chain, but instead by a single user.
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