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How to create flows for order release or approval in your store channels

Cris David
Cris David
Last updated

This feature is also known as "Alçada". It allows you to set rules for automatic or manual approval of orders based on the ranges of total order value. Automate your order approval flow or delegate approval of each variation range to an operating user of your store!

Order authorization can be enabled for channels with or without price variation:

Manual Discounts

Orders originated in the store itself with a price variation created by the Manual Price, a feature that allows the telesales agent to manually change prices for each cart.

Values Divergence

Orders originated from an external marketplace, brought into VTEX by third parties.

How to set it up

Here we will show you how to create "Manual Discounts" and "Values Divergence" rules. The rules are applied to different channels, but they have the same setting process:

  • From the menu, access the "Order Authorization" option in the Order Management section;
  • Click on "Create Rules" to choose one of the desired rule types which are: "Manual Discounts" or "Values Divergence"; OrdersAUTHORIZATIONEN.JPG?h=250
  • Click "Create Rules" under the "Authorization Rules" box;
  • Click inside the bar that represents the first discount interval and drag it horizontally, defining the first desired interval;
  • Then select what should happen on discounts of that range.

Authorize automatically: orders that are classified within this discount range will be automatically approved; Deny automatically: orders that are classified within this discount range will be automatically denied; Create a task in VTEX DO for approval: enter an email from a store user in the "Search for an email" box to manually assign the job of authorizing or denying the order. The selected user will receive a message through VTEX DO whenever a new order is placed in the range assigned to him or her.

  • To create new rules simply select the "+" icon on the sides of the chart, on the first value, and follow the initial process of interval and rule definition;
  • Click the "Save Rules" button to save the applied setting.

All discount ranges should be covered by some rule. Otherwise, the system will create a generic rule to automatically deny orders for intervals with no rules.

Setting example:

  • From 0 to 10% variation: automatically approved;
  • From 10.1 to 20% variation: will be sent to user [email protected] for approval;
  • From 20.01% to 100% variation: automatically denied.

Manual Discounts.JPG?h=250

If chain approval or hierarchical approval is not possible, the order must be approved by only one user.

How it works

After the variation rules have been set, each new order will be automatically classified according to these rules.

The user who is registered as responsible for approval will receive a notification through VTEX DO for each new order that is classified under some price variation rules. The other orders classified in the automated rules will be processed automatically by the system.

The user should: 1. Access the details of the desired order in "Order Management"; 2. Click the "Approve order" button; 3. Confirm that they agree with the impact of these actions.

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