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What is the difference between delinking and deleting a seller SKU?

Cris David
Cris David
Last updated

All the products sent by a seller to the VTEX Marketplace go through the Suggestion module for the approval process.

After the SKUs have been approved, they are entered in the VTEX Marketplace catalogue and shown in the Catalog module. To see them, just go to the MarketPlace tab and then click on SKUs dos Sellers:

2017-02-07 (1)

On this screen, storeowners are often unsure about the differences between the process of deleting and the process of delinking a Seller SKU. Let’s see the differences:


When you delink a Seller SKU, it will no longer be shown as available in the Marketplace.

The SKU will be delinked from the catalogue and thereafter will no longer be updated, e.g. in terms of seller’s price and stocks.

If you click on the flag desvincular, the Seller SKU will no longer be included in the Suggested SKU for approval and return to the catalogue.

When you delink an SKU, it will simply stop being shown in the store and receiving price and stock notifications.

Note: A delinked SKU will not return to the queue for approval in Suggestion, since it already exists in the catalogue.

If what you want is to remove a Seller SKU because it is showing the wrong image, wrong name, wrong details etc. and you want it to be reentered in SKU Suggestion for approval in the correct manner, you must delete the Seller SKU, as indicated below:



When you delete a Seller SKU, it is removed from the Marketplace catalogue. This means that it will no longer appear in the list of SKUs.

The SKU excluded will only appear in the catalogue if the seller resends it to Suggestion. In this case, it can be approved again and be actively registered in the Marketplace.

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