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How to prevent a carrier from meeting a certain ZIP code range?

Breno Barreto
Breno Barreto
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The zip code ranges served by a carrier are determined by the shipping spreadsheet, which is usually provided to the store by the carrier itself.

But sometimes you may need to block some zip code or zip codes rage. That is, you may want to prevent that a carrier, for a particular zip code or zip codes range, from making deliveries, even if by default it can do so.

To do that, you must exclude the zip codes you don't want to consider from the shipping spreadsheet.


Let's say you want to exclude only the zip code 45920-000 from the spreadsheet of a carrier.

To do so, you would follow these steps:

  • Enter the Inventory & Shipping module and click on Dashboard.
  • Access the carrier.
  • Download the shipping spreadsheet on Shipping Rates
  • Open the spreadsheet and look for the lines corresponding to the zip code range where the code to be disregarded is located, ie: ZipCodeStart = 37900-001 and ZipCodeEnd = 97904-999.
  • Each of these lines must be turned into two, so that the zip code 45920-000 is ignored. So you would have: ZipCodeStart = 37900-001 and ZipCodeEnd = 45919-999 / ZipCodeStart = 45920-001 and ZipCodeEnd = 97904-999.

With this, the spreadsheet would "jump" the zip code 45920-000. And consequently it would no longer be considered as an address served by that carrier.

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