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Opening tickets to VTEX financial support

Clara Baluz
Clara Baluz
Last updated

Many questions related to contracts, tickets, NFs or other financial matters have already been answered in the Billing & Invoices module, here in VTEX Help.

But whenever you can not find the information you need in our articles, you can open a ticket directly to VTEX support financial team.

To do this, simply enter VTEX Help and click the Support option in the top bar.

Opening a ticket

When you click Support in VTEX Help, you are taken to the VTEX login screen, where you must choose the type of authentication.

There are four options:

  • Access by token, sent by email.
  • Login with Facebook.
  • Login with Google.
  • Login using email and password (requires 2-step authentication, through app or SMS).

Once you have authenticated using the chosen method, you enter the support panel, which is already part of the system we use for tickets management, Zendesk.

To open a ticket, simply click the Send a request red button.

chamado financeiro1 EN

You will be taken to the ticket opening form, where you must fill in:

  • Your name.
  • The VTEX account to which the ticket refers (the form loads a list of the accounts to which you have access. If you do not have access to any VTEX accounts, you can not open tickets).
  • That your question is Financial.
  • The subject.
  • The question or problem.

chamado financeiro2 EN

You can also include attachments, such as screenshots or animated gifs, that help you describe the context of your request.

Impact levels

The last field in the ticket opening form concerns the impact of your question or problem.

This classification is important for the support team to prioritize the most urgent requests. So be aware of the real meaning of each level.

If the indicated level does not apply to the scenario, the agent can modify it.

Normal: general questions.
High: important documentation is making the process unfeasible.
Urgent: Admin blocked, threatening the profit of their business.

Interacting with the support

Once you complete your request, one of our support agents will receive your message and respond as quickly as possible.

You will receive the agent's response by email.

If you need to make a new interaction (for example, to ask for a complement to the response or to give new information about your scenario), you can do this by replying directly to that email. It's not necessary, therefore, to enter the support panel again.

Viewing your tickets history

To view your tickets history, enter the support panel (Help VTEX -> Support).

By clicking My Requests, you'll see the history of tickets opened by your own user.

If you click All Requests, you can see the history of tickets opened by any employees in your store.

chamado financeiro3 EN

The ticket statuses

The moment you open a ticket, it's automatically created with the status Open. This means that this is a new ticket, which has not yet received interaction from any support agent.

After that, it goes through the statuses Pending, Solved and Closed.

  • Open: new ticket, which has not yet been assigned to any VTEX support agent.
  • Pending: ticket that was answered by a support agent and did not receive new interaction from the client.
  • Solved: ticket that was marked as solved by the support agent or by the client. It can still be reopened by the client.
  • Closed: ticket that was marked as solved and, because it did not receive new interaction after 24 hours, was automatically closed. It can not be reopened.

In your support panel, you can filter the tickets search by status. To do this, simply use the checkbox below the request button.

chamado financeiro4 EN

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