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Orders Management page structure

Clara Baluz
Clara Baluz
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To better understand the Orders Management, see the descriptive of each area of the module responsible for the display and management of your store's orders.

All orders

Status bar

Displays the total orders for the store on the current day. It also compares orders between the currrent date and the previous day, week and year. Beside each of these values, you can see a percentage that represents the range of today's orders.

The ranking located in the right corner of the bar with these data shows the store position among all VTEX stores, with the metric next to it indicating the evolution between yesterday and today.

The bar doesn't show the exact position of the stores that are in the top 5 positions: for these, the number shown will always be "Top 5".

For all the data of order variations, and also for the numbers of evolution in the ranking, the green color indicates a positive result; blue, neutral; and red, negative.

Important: If the order comparison is done based on 0 orders in the past, the variation is 0%.

barra-status-oms en


Allows you to apply multiple filters to see only the list of orders you want. The filter can be by dates, channels, status and situations, searched field (Other fields), status, payment method and benefits.

botão-filtro-oms en

Search Bar

The search bar is used to search for the terms found in the order, such as order number, client's document number, client's name, e-mail among others.

barra-search-oms en

Information Bar

It brings the total of orders listed, the average ticket (revenue divided by the number of orders) and the total revenue (sum of the total value of the orders), always considering the search or filters applied.

It also brings the store's sales ranking in relation to all other VTEX stores. The number that's shown is based on the total number of orders completed on that day.

barra-info-oms en

Export button

Used to export the orders brought by the search, always considering the filters that were used. The file will be emailed to the logged-in user.

botão-export-oms en

List of Orders

It is the main area of Orders Management. It brings the last orders made in the store or the results for the search, respecting also the choosed ordering. The order listing is updated automatically when new orders take place.

all-orders-oms en


It brings together the store's pending tasks and is generated by the different VTEX modules or sent by the API through external services. It works as a task manager.

VTEX-do-oms en


Shows a list of customers who use recurrence in your store, which tells the PCI Gateway that new transactions from the same source can be made automatically.


The first tab available will be the General Settings, responsible for showing settings related to customer cart behavior (affects the time of purchase) and orders after completed.

The second tab, Affiliates, is intended for affiliate configurations in your store.

settings-oms en

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