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What is VTEX IO?

Guilherme Rodrigues
Guilherme Rodrigues
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VTEX IO is a serverless development environment that enables you to build high-quality web apps fast, without dealing with infrastructure and scalability concerns.

Today, in addition to developing the code that implements business logic, technology companies need to worry about much of the infrastructure behind the software they create (server configuration, access permissions, horizontal and vertical scaling, security, etc). VTEX IO is a service that envelops all the architectural complexity inherent to modern web software, removing that responsibility from the developer.

With VTEX IO, the dependencies and compilers are already configured; the CPUs are ready to be scaled; the deploy service is all set; and so on. In sum: the developer's only job is to write the code that implements business logic, allowing your team to focus on your product, not your infra.

VTEX IO also allows you to create configurable components, avoiding code duplication for different stores. This makes it easier to reuse components in different contexts by declaring extension points in layouts.

In addition, with VTEX IO the developer works with versioned apps through separate workspaces, and with a single command you can link your app and test deployed code changes in real time, directly in the cloud. This avoids common scenarios of server configuration errors, where the code works locally, but not in production.

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