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Importing the shipping spreadsheet

Clara Baluz
Clara Baluz
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Before importing the data, it is important to have the VTEX model worksheet saved on your machine, that is, a spreadsheet identical to our model worksheet, including the cells formatting, with the header, and already in .xls format (Excel 97-2003). To get the template, click on the Spreadsheet Model Download link, which is inside the carrier's settings screen.

  1. Access the Inventory & Shipping module
  2. Click on Dashboard
  3. Then, on the carrier you want to import the freight values from
  4. Click on Update spreadsheet then on Choose file
  5. Select the previously saved file on your machine, with the specifications defined above
  6. To finish, click on Save

After that, a color orange stripe will highlight the carrier included on the freight table, with the message Processing. The time of uploading depends on the size of the spreadsheet.

Remember that each new import overwrites the information that was imported before.
1st Note: If the 65,536 lines of the .xls version are insufficient for the registration of all freight values of the carrier, you must create a new tab, with the same header, on the same file, to continue filling out the information.
2nd Note:Pay attention to the file size. If it is bigger than 10MB, you will need to compress it with a .zip extension. This Zip file must also have 10MB tops for the upload to be successful. If somehow it still exceeds that limit, we recommend you to split it between more carriers.

How to convert a shipping spreadsheet

If you are going offer delivery services from Correios and your spreadsheet is not in VTEX standards, follow the steps below, access the integrador correios, tool provided by the XP agency.

Building the freight spreadsheet Registering Carriers

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