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Importing and exporting a stock spreadsheet

Débora Ferreira
Débora Ferreira
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Importing an inventory spreadsheet is the easiest way to manage your store's SKUs. By having several warehouses, you can set up different logistics strategies, based on availability, for example.

How to export

Before exporting your inventory data, it is necessary to export the spreadsheet. Even if you do not have any registered inventory yet, by exporting you will obtain the correct spreadsheet model used to import later.

  1. Access the Inventory & Shipping module.
  2. Access the Dashboard tab.
  3. Click on the arrow symbol next to the New Warehouse button.
  4. Click on Export Warehouse.

Having done this, an email with the exported file will be sent to you shortly after.

How to import

One way of updating the quantity of items in inventory is importing through a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet must contemplate all inventory and product variants registered in your store.

The import is done using an Excel spreadsheet in .xls format (Excel 97-2003 Workbook option), the model being the same as the one exported before. If your file is larger than 10 MB, you will need to compress it to a .zip extension.

The update of the amount must be made in the TotalQuantity column, since ReservedQuantity and AvailableQuantity columns change automatically.

The first automatic column manages those items that are already reserved due to purchase; the second is a calculation, considering the total amount minus the reserved amount.

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