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How to register a dock

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To register a dock, follow these steps:

  1. In the Admin Menu, click on Inventory & Shipping.
  2. Click on Dashboard.
  3. Click on New Dock.
  4. Fill out the register fields and click on Save.

Register fields

  • Id: identifier field of the dock. If not completed, it will be created automatically;
  • Name: name of the dock.
  • Sales channel: commercial policies that will be observed by this dock.
  • Associated carriers: carriers assigned to this dock.
  • Processing time: time to be considered for freight calculation.

Ex .: Time cost of the stock (2 days) + Time cost of the dock (3 days) + Time cost of the carrier (1 day) = delivery will be completed in 6 days.

  • Time overhead: a period of time that is not used for freight calculation, only to be considered when choosing the most advantageous dock. The calculation is done by adding the time cost to the overhead. The dock that results with less time is chosen. The lower the overhead, the more likely this dock will be chosen for the route.
  • Priority: Tiebreaker value for dock selection.  The higher the priority of the dock, the greater the chance of it being selected for delivery.

Ex.: Dock A: Time Cost + Overhead = 4 days. Dock B: Time Cost + Overhead = 4 days. In such case, if Dock A has priority 1 and Dock B has priority 9, Dock B will be selected for the delivery.

  • EndPoint WMS: used to integrate an external WMS software (warehouse management system) to the order processing flow.
  • Address: address of the new Loading Dock
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