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How to set up your Adyen gateway in VTEX platform

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The configurations documented in this article are performed in an environment external to VTEX and, therefore, may be discontinued without prior notice.

If Adyen is your chosen affiliate, follow the necessary configuration in the step-by-step below for a seamless communication between Adyen and VTEX.

Adyen configuration

This Affiliation Gateway requires a few adjustments being done on both VTEX and Adyen's side. The setup instructions and necessary information related to a posterior setup in VTEX are found below.

  1. Log in to Adyen's dashboard: Adyen Test Environment: https://ca-test.adyen.com/ca/ca/login.shtml; Adyen Live Environment: https://ca-live.adyen.com/ca/ca/login.shtml
  2. Click on Account
  3. Then click on Server Communication
  4. Now click on Standard Notification
  5. Fill in the URL value with https://storename.vtexpayments.com.br/adyen/panel-notification
  6. Access Additional Settings and perform the required configurations
  7. Click on Save.

Following this setup, we created the VTEX PCI Gateway endpoint connection with Adyen. Your store is now more secure.

Next, you'll just need to collect information from Adyen to register on VTEX.

  1. Access Account
  2. Click on Users
  3. Select the Webservice type user
  4. Click on the Generate Password button

By following these steps, your user will be successfully set up. In the image below number 1 is the username and number 2 is the password that you will have to enter on VTEX’s environment.


Configuration at VTEX

  1. Access the Payments module;
  2. Click on Settings;
  3. Access the Gateway Affiliations tab;
  4. Click on Adyen;
  5. Fill out the fields on the form with the data obtained at Adyen and click on Save;
  • Username - Adyen username (instruction 2 of the previous sequence)
  • Password - Adyen password (instruction 3 of the previous sequence)
  • Account - name that appears at the top of Adyen's environment
  • Currency - currency
  • Bank slip's bank - bank slip issuing bank
  • Bank slip's instructions - instructions that will be applied to bank slips
  • Skin HPP Code - should be left blank*
  • Language - fill in the language of your checkout
  • Key to HMAC HPP firm - should be left blank*
  • Early safety capture - early capture
  • Use antifraud - option that allows the use of antifraud

* These fields should only be used for HPP integrations, such as Multibanco, in Portugal. For further information, refer to Adyen documentation: https://docs.adyen.com/developers/hpp-manual

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