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How does the type of delivery work?

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The type of delivery is a feature of carrier registration that makes the grouping of carriers that offer the same price. It works as a category that will be displayed in the cart, during checkout.

Grouping by type

The shipping type will be used as an aggregator when more than one carrier offers the same type of delivery, that is, when different carriers have similar characteristics. Ex.: More than one carrier performs express delivery.

Tipos de frete vs transportadoras (EN)

In the example above, carriers CA Ground, FedEx Ground, and UK Ground perform regular delivery, while FedEx Overnight and Latam InStore perform express delivery.

Displaying the carriers at checkout

On the cart area, the delivery options are separated by shipping type, not by carrier name. So, its essential for these types to be friendly, and for each carrier to be related to a different category, otherwise only the carrier with the shortest delivery time and the lowest value for that shipping type will be displayed.

According to the example, this is a picture of how shipping options would be displayed on the checkout:

Transportadoras Checkout EN

Notice that, even though 5 carriers are registered (in the regular and express categories), only 2 freight options are displayed to the customer. This is not because the other carriers don't fulfill the cart requirement, but because, within the same type of freight, only the carrier with the lowest price or the shortest delivery time will be displayed.

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