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How does the delivery flow work?

Clara Baluz
Clara Baluz
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When a customer buys in your store, an order is automatically registered in OMS. Once the payment is approved, it's released for handling and its delivery starts being prepared.

The first step of the delivery is to inform the inventory that an order has been approved. The second is to look at which of the inventories the product is located. The third is to position the item in the warehouse dock corresponding to the carrier responsible for delivering it to the customer.

This separation process is specialized and will depend on the type of product and route used by the carrier, or the logistics strategy used by your store.

Conceptually, the logistics flow begins with inventory, passes through the warehouses, and ends with the carriers - those responsible for delivering the products to the final addresses.

VTEX platform gives you the freedom to use these settings in a variety of ways, to suit different scenarios. It may be, for example, that you don't need any docks, or that you need docks that actually function as distribution centers.

But for now, let's stick to the most basic scenario, illustrated by the image below:

Logistics Concept English

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