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How does stacking work?

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When calculating the sum of measures of more than one SKU, the system presents a stacking intelligence, which mantains the value of two measures (Width and Length), and multiplies the third (Height) by the number of SKUs, as seen on the following calculation:

(Height * Number of SKUs) + Width + Length

Remember! Package division is only allowed if cargo splitting is enabled.

Largest edge measure

This feature allows you to limit the stacking of a package to a defined value.


Largest edge measure registered: 80 cm

  • Purchase of 1 unit with a total height of 20 cm = delivery in 1 shipment (1 trip).
  • Purchase of 8 units with a total height of 160 cm = delivery in 2 shipments (2 trips).
  • Purchase of 1 unit of another product, with a total height of 100 cm = the purchase cannot be completed, since these dimensions exceed the registered limit (maximum height permitted= 80 cm, product height = 100 cm).
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