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How does My Account work

Beatriz Silva
Beatriz Silva
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The new My Account, which is already installed in every VTEX store, offers customers the autonomy to manage their orders and personal data, all on one page.

Access our article to set up My Account

Its main goal is to be a facilitator of your business operation, reducing operational cost through customer care.

The new My Account page is divided in the following sections:


In Cards, your customer is given autonomy to manage credit cards related to his account, and can add, remove or edit credit card data for each registered card during checkout.

In addition, the option add new card allows your customer to add a new credit card without having used that card in a prior purchase.

Personal data

In this section, the user can manage their personal data registered on the store site. In addition to being able to edit data such as name and surname, it is also possible to include a profile photo, choose a gender, date of birth and update the account password.


All addresses registered during checkout can be found here. Similar to Cards, the add address option gives the user the possibility to add addresses that differ from those already registered during prior purchases made on the site.


The entire orders list of a customer of your store can be viewed here. The list is ordered by date of creation of the order and displays information such as order ID, its total value, payment method used and the items of the purchase.

In the orders listing, the customer or the support team will have access to the following features:

Request cancellation

The customer will be able to request a cancellation of their order during a set grace period. Find out more about how an order cancellation works when it is requested by the customer here.

Change order information

The option to edit or change an order allows the customer to change information related to an order, such as address, payment method and cart items, without having to manually input a new order or get in touch with the store's customer care team.

This feature will be made available in My Account if the option Allow customers to change orders is enabled in the order management module settings.

Display product details

Upon selecting an order from the list, the customer can see all details related to that order, such as delivery address, payment method used and total amount paid.

In addition, it's also possible to view tracking information for the items of an order along with the timeline and status of the order flow.


With the reorder option, the selected cart will be duplicated. This means that the customer will be able to create a new cart with the same items as the original cart and finalize a new purchase.


Here, the customer is able to manage all his subscriptions, as well as edit data regarding these subscriptions.

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