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Configure Cartman

Isadora Bombonatti
Isadora Bombonatti
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Configure Cartman

Cartman is a tool that simulates, shares and investigates carts.

Created to assist e-commerce operators in analyzing system scenarios, Cartman is not visible to a store's users.


By default, Cartman is already enabled and available on all VTEX domains.

These domains are as follows:

  • accountname.myvtex.com;
  • accountname.vtexcommercebeta.com.br;
  • accountname.vtexcommercestable.com.br;
  • www.yourstore.com.
Notice: for official store domains, you need to manually activate Cartman.

In addition, Cartman can be disabled and enabled whenever necessary. However, if you want to reactivate Cartman, you'll have to include the query string ?cartman=on at the end of the URL in which you want the tool to be activated, for example https://accountname.myvtex.com/checkout?cartman=on.

Once done, the blue icon will once again appear in the lower right side of the page.

Disable Cartman

To disable Cartman, simply click on the specific command that is displayed in the tool's settings page, as the following instructions will show:

  1. Access any of your store's Checkout pages;
  2. In the lower right side of the screen, click on the round blue colored icon;
  3. Click on Disable Cartman - located in the lower part of the window.
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