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Setting up DNS pointing to VTEX

Augusto Garrucho
Augusto Garrucho
Last updated

The following information is crucial during the process of pointing a domain to VTEX. Such process happens whenever a store goes live, when the store's address is changed, or when an additional address is added.

It is also at this stage that the SSL certificate of your store is generated, which is essential to provide pages in HTTPS.

Here are the steps:

  1. Meet the requirements.
  2. Point the DNS.
  3. Generate the SSL certificate.


Before pointing a domain to VTEX, such domain must be registered in the Account management section. This is what connects the address to the store.

Next, the store must be in production. Otherwise, the system will not provide the pages of your website.

Warning: If you are migrating from your Integrated Store store to VTEX, contact our support department before naming the DNS. It is necessary to release the domain of the Integrated Store so that it is used in the VTEX store.

Point the DNS

In the DNS zone of your domain, an entry of the CNAME type should be created in the desired subdomain for the target {hostname}.cdn.vtex.com.

Assume that {hostname} is the complete address of your store.

Some examples:

Store address: www.site.com
  - Entry (subdomain): www
  - Type: CNAME
  - Destination: www.site.com.cdn.vtex.com
Store address: www.site.com.br
  - Entry (subdomain): www
  - Type: CNAME
  - Destination: www.site.com.br.cdn.vtex.com
Store address: store.mycompany.com
  - Entry (subdomain): store
  - Type: CNAME
  - Destination: store.mycompany.com.cdn.vtex.com
Store address: www.store.mycompany.com.br
  - Entry (subdomain): www.store
  - Type: CNAME
  - Destination: www.store.mycompany.com.br.cdn.vtex.com

Note that the beginning of the domain ("store", "www", "www.loja" or any other) and the termination (".com", ".com.br", ".com.ar" or any other) are part of {hostname}, and must be in the destination CNAME.

Generate the SSL certificate

It's necessary to notify the system that a new domain has been assigned to VTEX. While this is not done, users won't be able to browse the site.

Once the notification is sent, the store will be available, but still awaiting the issuance of the SSL certificate, which should happen within 10 minutes.

In case of a failure to generate the certificate, either due to delay in the propagation of the domain or some type of error, when you access the site you will see a message informing that the SSL certificate is being generated.

This notification is performed by accessing the Account management, in the Accounts tab, by entering your specific account and clicking Save (even without changing anything) at the bottom of the page.

The certificate is generated through Let's Encrypt and is valid for 90 days. However, it is automatically renewed within 5 days before expiration, as long as the domain is correctly pointed to VTEX.

DNS pointing propagation takes 24-48 hours to occur completely, which means that the configured address may not be accessible to all people right after configuration.

The above instructions deal exclusively with pointing a primary domain to your VTEX store. It's important that if your store has other domains, they are redirected to a single primary domain.

We also consider your domain without www (or corresponding subdomain, such as those who use "store.domain.com"). Learn more in the article How to configure access without www.

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