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Adding a carrier

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Carriers are responsible for the delivery of purchased products to customers. Through carrier registration, you can set up deadlines, prices, modals and different deliveries, enabling, this way, a highly customized logistics.

How to add a carrier

  1. Access the Inventory & Shipping module.
  2. Access the Dashboard tab.
  3. Click on New Carrier.
  4. Fill out the fields listed below.
  5. Click on Save.

The following fields are available:

  • Carrier enabled: flag to indicate whether the carrier is enabled or not.
  • Name: internal name of the carrier.
  • ID: internal identifier and for integrators. Must be completed with letters and numbers only. If not filled out, an Id will automatically be created.
  • Delivery type: name that will be displayed on the checkout to the client. Learn more about types of delivery.
  • Scheduled Delivery: learn more about scheduled delivery.
  • Shipping Table: contains the values and timelines assumed by the carrier. Learn more about the shipping spreadsheet.
  • Use carrier cut-off times: times when the products will be removed from the Dock. It's used to optimize freight calculation. To learn how to use this field, click here.
  • Use carrier business hours: times when the carrier will operate. It is used to define the carrier's availability for the logistics operation of your store. Learn more about setting up carrier's business hours.
  • Accept purchases off working hours: allows the carrier to accept purchases outside its defined business hours.
  • Sum of measures H + W + L: dimension limits accepted by the carrier. When reaching this value, the delivery is split into packages, or it is not performed by this carrier.
  • Largest edge measure: largest measure accepted by the carrier. When reaching this value, delivery is split into packages, or it is not performed by this carrier.
  • Cubic weight factor: used for calculating the cubed weight. Learn more about cubed weight calculation.
  • Use cubic weight only if weight exceeds: from this weight limit on, the calculation of the cubed weight will be considered for the shipping rate.
  • Carrier delivery or non-delivery on weekends: this option includes holidays. just click on the delivery or non-delivery link to change this setting. This means that by allowing the delivery option on weekends, for example, the carrier will deliver on weekends and also on holidays.
  • Only delivers if the total of items of the shipment is a multiple of: if delivery is divided into shipments, this field will limit the minimum number of items for assembling it. If this number is not reached, the delivery will not be performed by this carrier.
  • Delivery modal: determines the modal attended by this carrier. Learn more about modals.
  • Choose pickup points: select this field to open the Pickup points option. Click the dropdown and select a registered pickup point. Click Include to link the pickup point to this carrier. If you want to use a tag registered at the pickup point to relate to the carrier, in Tags, select a tag and click Include.

How to delete a carrier

  1. Access the Inventory & shipping module.
  2. Access the Dashboard tab.
  3. Hover the mouse over the carrier you want to delete.
  4. Click on the x icon.
  5. Click on the Confirm button.

How to edit a carrier

  1. Access the Inventory & shipping module.
  2. Access the Dashboard tab.
  3. Click the carrier you want to edit.
  4. Change settings. To edit the shipping spreadsheet, just download and upload the updated spreadsheet.
  5. Click on the Save button.

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