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Create the category tree

To enter a product on your site, you need to assign it to a category.

But a category, in turn, is part of a "category tree".

So that's where we need to get started.

What is a category tree?

The category tree is the set of categories for your site, distributed according to hierarchy relationships.


Say that you have a clothing store.

At the beginning of the project, before any product is inserted into the platform, you meet with your team to define which categories of products will be created and how they will be organized.

  1. You decide that at the highest level, the store will have two departments: Women and Men.
  2. Within the Women department, it's defined that there will be three categories: Shirts, Belts and Shoes.
  3. And within the category Shoes, it's decided that there will be the subcategories High heels, Flip flops and Slippers.

Such structure, therefore, could be the initial drawing of your category tree:

Category tree

Note: The names Department, Category and Subcategory are just a way to see your tree, which may or may not facilitate your work. The platform does not require this or any other naming standard. For VTEX, any levels that may be created for the distribution of your products are taken only as category levels.

But attention:

We recommend creating a maximum of 3 category levels. More levels can make your catalog operation too complex.

Two key points:

  • Who plans the distribution of the categories of your site? You! This planning should reflect the goals of your business.
  • When should the distribution of the categories be defined? Before any category is actually created in the site.
It's very important that your team define the composition of the category tree before you create it on the platform. Once you start inserting products, having to move categories may become quite a headache.
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