How promotions work

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A promotion is a discount granted to the customer. It may be associated with one or more products of the cart, with shipping or with a freebie.

At VTEX, the retailer can create a number of rules that, depending on the context of the purchase, will define whether and how the discount will be applied.

Some of the parameters considered by these rules are product lists, customer lists, zip codes, minimum cart value, among many others.

Discounts can be of two main types:

  • Nominal discount: grants a gross amount, such as R$ 20.
  • Percentage discount: grants a percentage value, such as 10% of the total value of the cart.

In addition, there are six types of promotions:

  • Regular
  • Buy Together
  • More For Less
  • Progressive Discount
  • Buy One Get One
  • Campaign Benefit

Later on in this track, we will learn how to configure each of these types of promotion.

Furthermore, for all promotions it is possible to define the validity period, in addition to restrictions and limitations of use.

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