Pricing Module - Overview

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The prices module, also called Pricing, is a system responsible for the creation, editing and storing of your SKU pricing data. For a product to be sold, your customer needs to know the cost of each item displayed in your store.

Pricing has several functionalities that allow your business to use different pricing strategies. The prices module is comprised of the admin sections shown below. Over the next steps of this track, we will take a closer look at how to use each of the functionalities highlighted in these sections:

Price list - You should add prices to your products in this section. It is also the area where you can query and insert SKU prices for each existing Price Table in your store.

Price rules - This section allows you to create your store's price table rules. Price rules are similar to functions that edit base prices registered in the Price list area.

Psychological pricing - Your SKU price rounding rules can be created in this area. This section's objective is to create rules that display your prices to customers is a more attractive way.

Settings - This is the general settings page, where you can set up price upper or lower limits that increase your store's price change security, in addition to other price configurations meant for sellers, marketplaces and franchise accounts.

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