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What is an order in VTEX

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The moment the end customer pushes the Checkout button, an order is generated inside VTEX.

This means that you will now be able to track the order flow through the Order Management module within your store's admin panel.

That is, you can now know the details of each step throughout the order progress.

An order carries a lot of information, such as:

  • Cart items
  • Value of the order
  • Order time
  • Client's data
  • Promotional data currently applied to the order
  • Delivery address
  • Payment method
  • Trade policy applied to the purchase
  • Store which is responsible for selling (the Marketplace) and store responsible for the fulfillment (the Seller)

These and other information are essential for managing orders. They can be consumed using our API or on the order details screen, which we'll see later in this track.

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