Inventory and shipping module - Overview

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The Inventory and Shipping module is the service responsible for your store's logistics. This system is used when adding logistics route data that is used when delivering orders. In addition, you must use this module to manage your inventory, add shipping prices and shipping deadlines for each delivery type.

The logistics system has several useful functionalities. These features allow you to come up with a shipping and inventory strategy tailored to your business. In this track's next steps, we'll have a closer at each one of the functionalities highlighted below. In your store's admin, you'll come across the following sections:


Dashboard - This section allows you to add logistics routes used for order shipping. A basic route consists of a warehouse, a loading dock and a carrier.

Shipping cost - This section allows you to manage and edit your carrier's shipping costs.

Shipping simulator - This functionality allows you to simulate the specific order's shipping. You must input the order's shipping conditions, such as ZIP Code, products and sales channel, so that the system can show available carrier options and their cost.

Warehouse - This area allows you to manage SKUs in inventory, in addition to controlling and updating each item's available quantity in a store's various warehouses.

Shipping by geo-localization - If you don't want to use a ZIP code as shipping information, you can display a map during the checkout, allowing your clients to select the region where they want to receive their order.

Holidays - This section allows you to add the holidays that affect your order shipping operation. Days registered as holidays will not be considered as working days when calculating shipping time.

Settings - This are gives you have access to some general logistics module settings, such as additional shipping costs, critically low inventory alerts, and pickup points display settings.

Pickup Points - Lastly, we have the section where you can add pickup points. This feature allows your customers to pick orders up from stores, lockers and any other physical points, lowering shipping cost and increasing your distribution capacity.

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