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Setting inStore up in a store (Easy Setup)

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Don't you know VTEX inStore yet? See more details here:

VTEX inStore is part of our Omnichannel solution, the VTEX OMS. For more information and to hire the service go to:

Before you start using inStore you need to set it up in a VTEX account.

The inStore is an app that works on Android, iOS and Windows devices, so the first step is to download the app on a smartphone or tablet and complete the "Easy Setup" flow.

You can find download links at: or directly from Google Play and App Store, searching for VTEX inStore.

When opening inStore for the first time, you will need to enter the VTEX account where you want to configure it and click on Confirm.

01 inStore selecione conta

If inStore is not configured on this account, you will be redirected to the VTEX App Store where you will need to log in with your admin account in VTEX.

After login, you will be able to install inStore in your account.

02 inStore instalar

A setup form will be displayed, the first step being the address information.

03 inStore endereco

Then you must set an email and password to be used as a vendor login.

IMPORTANT: this email CAN'T be the same as the one used on VTEX platform, because your admin email has permissions that a salesperson should not have, so it's necessary to use some other email without privileges on the platform.

04 inStore registre vendedor

Once you've set up the seller and confirmed the activation code received via email, you can set up payment methods.

05 inStore configure pagamento

If you do not already have an agreement with an acquirer, you can only keep the Cash option active. After clicking on Confirm, you should see the success screen.

06 inStore sucesso

Now just go back to the app, log in with the vendor credentials and start selling!

IMPORTANT: The Easy Setup flow configures inStore for Delivery at home (endless aisle), ie you can sell your e-commerce products directly from the physical store. If you want to sell in the Pickup store format, consuming products from the inventory of your physical store, see the following steps of this track.

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