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The Catalog is one of the admin modules of your store. This area allows you to configure functionalities related to your e-commerce’s assortment of products. Before your customer is able to see products on the site, you need to register them here. Check the image below to see which parts of the admin make up the Catalog module:


There are other more advanced features in the VTEX Catalog. As this track is intended for novice users, we chose to describe only its most basic functionalities.

Products and SKUs – In this tab, you can add new products and SKUs to your store. You can insert information about what is available in your store, such as product name, description and images.

Categories – This tab allows the creation of sections that make it easier to search for products offered by your store. It is important to define your e-commerce’s categories tree at the beginning of the project. You will be able to organize your items by creating categories that simplify product identification by sector. In this tab, you will also be able to organize product categories according to your store’s taxonomy.

Brands – This is where you add the product brands that are available in your store, grouping the items together. Your customers will thus be able to find what they’re looking for in a more specific way.

Import and export – You may import or export product spreadsheets here. Instead of adding products/SKUs one by one, you can create or edit a large quantity of products at once. It is also possible to import/export product or SKU specifications and images.

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