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VTEX IO apps and Store Components

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In VTEX IO, apps are packages of code and configuration that enable new features in a VTEX account when installed. In order to create your own store, you will develop, publish and install your own app - specifically, a store theme app.

A store theme app does two things:

  • Declares templates by configuring and combining blocks. A block is a component with a set of fixed properties, for example, a shelf that displays 4 products.
  • Declares styles by configuring a set of variables, such as primary and secondary colors, typography and spacing scales, etc.

You declare blocks based on any of the available Store Components, our set of high-quality, open-source and configurable ecommerce components. For more advanced customization, you'll also be able to mount your own custom React components in extension points.

You can read more about VTEX IO, but, for now, all we need to do is set you up with the developer tools you need to start coding.

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