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Unexpected error message is displayed when selecting PayPal Plus at checkout

Daniel Aleixo
Daniel Aleixo
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At checkout, if the customer selects PayPal Plus as a payment condition, the message erro inesperado ("unexpected error") may be displayed on the screen. This is a rare and intermittent event, but it can still trouble your customers at a key moment during shopping experience.

The occurrence of the error is closely linked to browser security mechanisms, which include more stringent policies regarding the use of cookies. That's because PayPal Plus (transparent) makes calls to the checkout API (at the time it's selected by the user) that depend on the sending of cookies, blocked by browsers. This is what causes the "unexpected error" message.


  1. In your browser settings, disable the option that allows other websites to access cookies.
  2. Follow the normal purchase flow and, at the checkout of your store, choose to pay with PayPal Plus.
  3. Because the behavior is intermittent, you may have to repeat these steps a few times before you can see the error message.


For now, the user can only solve the problem by editing their browser settings. They must enable the option that allows other websites to access the cookies of the store in which they are making the purchase.

We recommend that if a customer contacts your store reporting this type of behavior, you should tell them to adjust their browser's cookie settings.

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