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Discounts on recurring purchases (V1) being considered as Manual Price, creating improper authority limits for stores that have active authority limit and manual price

Cris David
Cris David
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In V1 recurrence when orders have discounts being applied to the items, these discounts are being filled as manual price, creating improper authority limits.

For these orders to follow their flow, today they need to be approved through VTEX DO or the OMS.

Important: this bug only happens for stores that have active authority limit and manual price.


To simulate this scenario the store needs to have manual price and authority limit.

  1. Create a promotion for recurring orders;
  2. When the recurrence is generated (recurring order) the discount will be considered as a manual price, creating the authority limit.


Migrate to Subscriptions V2 system where the bug has been eliminated. V1 will soon be deprecated.

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