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Standard is the name given to VTEX free client assistance services. This assistance is intended to guide clients in solving any doubts through our content center (Help Center, VTEX TV, Community, Status Page, HealthcheckVTEX Store).

The objective of the VTEX Community is to provide an environment where all community members are able to freely exchange their thoughts, ideas, knowledge and opinions. The Community is the gateway to any question about the platform or our services.

According to this plan, our team will be ready to respond to any questions, direct you to our documentation, suggest the services available at the VTEX Store, and much more.

The Community is open and free, so just send your questions we will go back as soon as possible; to learn more about how to use it, please see our Code of Conduct.

We stress that the assistance provided by the Standard plan has some limitations. For a better understanding, please view the table in the article VTEX Support Plans.

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