API Reference
Build scalable and bold integrations with VTEX APIs. All the interactions required for the e-commerce operation in VTEX are accessible by APIs which are documented and exemplified. Learn the details of the VTEX micro services APIs and independently build complementary features for the business model required by your e-commerce.
Access and manipulate a store's Catalog data like Sales Channel, Categories, Brands, Products, SKUs, Product Specifications and SKUs Specifications. Create and edit Categories, Brands, Products and SKUs by SOAP Webservice
Access and manipulate a checkout cart, update data (Client and items data) or price of an item in a specific cart. Create and send values to custom data at checkout according to your business model
Customer Credit
Enable credit payments on your store, besides controlling invoices and your clients credit limits
APIs to retrieve and update Giftcards from VTEX Giftcard System. Manage all GiftCard Providers in VTEX Giftcard Hub. Know the data structure and layout expected for the end points of VTEX GiftCard
Giftcard Provider Protocol
Integrate gift cards with VTEX through the Giftcard Provider Protocol
Integration Examples
Get detailed examples of integrations of Catalog and Orders external systems with VTEX modules.
License Manager
Manage users, access profiles, host, AppKey and AppToken from a VTEX store
Manage all store logistics data by access Warehouse, Docks, Pick Up points, Carriers and shipping rates. Get or update the inventory of each SKU and Warehouse
Guide for Marketplace integrations, integrate your VTEX store with other VTEX Marketplace stores or with external Marketplaces
Master Data
Manage and retrieve all data entity, applications and registers from Master Data database
Order Management
Receive, process, and manage your orders by APIs. Get all details from a order like Client and Fulfillment data
Payment Provider Protocol
Integrate any payment connectors with VTEX through the Payment Provider and process transactions using all payment types.
Payments Gateway
Receive, process, and manage your transactions by APIs. Get all details from a transaction and payment data
Manipulate elements and events of the interface using the VTEX library
Pricing Vault
Create, read and edit prices for each SKU, Sales Channel or Price Table
Rates and Benefits
Manage and retrieve all promotions, coupons and tax rules from a VTEX store
Search and sort products in the catalog by fulltext search, category and brand search terms. Retrieve all product data to create custom searchs and products shelf
Session Manager
Track relevant information from the client's current browsing session on VTEX platforms and integrate with several VTEX systems using a single call
Manage store's subscription rules to improve the revenue, reduce bounce rate and churn client rate
Manage by API all products suggestion from sellers or to Marketplace VTEX or Non VTEX
Manage and retrieve all Note or Task from VTEX Do
Interact with Catalogo and Checkout modules from store interface on client side
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