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Show SKUs prices and availability by region

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The Region features allows a store to display different prices and availability according to the regions catered to by the Sellers White Label of that store.

To use to Region feature, it is necessary that:

  1. The Sessions System (VTEX Session) is installed in your store
  2. Sellers White Label can deliver orders from your store to determined ZIP code areas.
  3. The session has information about the zip code and country of the user who is browsing in a store

Installing the sessions system (VTEX Session)

In order to use the price by region feature, the sessions system app must be installed in your store. The VTEX Session app identifies the information of a user browsing in a store and makes it available in an integrated way to various VTEX systems.

To install the app, go to VTEX App Store, look for the VTEX Session app and click on Get.


Setting up delivery in Franchise Account/Seller White Label

The price and availability by region will be displayed in the main store according to the delivery configuration of a SKU for a particular zip code range. This zip code area is registered with a carrier of the Franchise Account that acts as the Seller White Label for your store.

To configure delivery, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the admin of the Franchise Account that acts as Seller White Label of your store
  2. Access Inventory & shipping and click on Dashboard
  3. Register a carrier. The ZIP codes operated by this carrier will be taken into account to display the price and availability by region in the main store
  4. Register a Dock
  5. Register an Inventory
  6. Add stock for SKUs that will be delivered through the configured route
Remember: For a SKU to appear as available for sale, it needs to have stock and price associated with it.

Functioning of the Region feature

The Region feature is one of the features made available by the session system installation. It aims to regionalize user experience of the store. It allows, for example, for sellers to set their own prices and that the marketplaces display them according to the client’s region.

After you install the VTEX Session app and set up delivery of a SKU to a White Label Seller from your store, it is necessary for the session system to identify the zip code and country of the user browsing the store to show the custom price and availability by region.

This information about ZIP code and country can be stored in the cookie vtex_session, due to a purchase made previously by the user, or can be entered via JavaScript in the session.

To enter the country and zip code in the session, you must perform a POST in the following route: {{account-name}}.{{environment}}{{session_token}}

Below is an example of a body to be sent to POST:


Or, for cases of geo-coordinates:


To verify that the session has updated the country and zip code data, simply do a GET on the route below and search for thecountry and Post Code fields: {{account-name}}.{{environment}}{{session_token}}?items=*

After updating the page where the SKUs are being viewed in the store, the price and availability information will be updated according to the region specified in the country and zip code information.

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