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Become a marketplace and sell products from other VTEX stores

Débora Ferreira
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All VTEX stores are prepared to be a marketplace, or to sell to other VTEX stores or to our integrated marketplaces. This can be done through simple settings, without the need to develop an integration.

The integration between VTEX stores is the simplest of all, and it does not require some steps needed for other integrations. See below the instructions for each of the following settings.

For stores that want to be marketplaces: How to set up a VTEX seller

Being a marketplace means that your website will receive (and sell) another store's products (that will work as a seller). To allow that, you need to follow the seller set up instructions.

For stores that want to be sellers: How to set up a VTEX marketplace

Being a seller means that your store will send and sell products through another website (that will work as a marketplace). To do that, you need to set up that store as a marketplace in your admin. Follow the steps below:

  1. Set up the trade policy.
  2. Set up the logistics regarding this trade policy.
  3. Set up the affiliate.

About the integration

After defining the settings, you must index all products of the base in order to make the integration.

  1. Using the master user, access the link {accountname}
  2. Click on the Reindex Base button.

Please note that in the URL you must change the term {accountname} to the name of your store.

After adjusting these settings, the products will start to be sent to the marketplace. Then, the marketplace must map the categories, brands and specifications, as well as accept the products sent.

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