Update grants in the Promotions module

Claudio Lima
Claudio Lima
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Seeking to increase customization, grant greater speed and usability, we've updated the Promotions module.

What has changed?

Previously, when adding a promotion, you could set the weekdays in which this Promotion was active.

Now, in addition to this option, you can also select the entire week at once and edit the promotion's duration.

Main advantages

This update gives you more power over your promotions' behavior. The new buttons bring more usability and practicality to program and to have more control over dates and promotion schedules.

How to use

  1. In admin, click on Rates and Benefits
  2. Click on Benefits
  3. Click on New Benefit
  4. Select the desired promotion
  5. Fill in the required field
  6. Tick the box next to Use recurrence settings
  7. Set the desired days and schedule for that promotion


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