Provide your customers with a better self-service experience with the new My Account

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Beatriz Silva
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Starting June 25th, 2019, your customers can access their orders and personal data, all in one place, with the new My Account app.

Main advantages

The app brings the following benefits to your customer:

  • Transparency in the purchasing experience by having access to order details, such as payment method used, cost breakdown, chosen address and status;
  • Autonomy to manage the order, being able to request a cancellation or to reorder;
  • Control over the information stores on the store, such as personal data, credit cards and addresses.

The new My Account features mean the following for your store:

  • Decrease in the abandonment rate by allowing your customers to edit already placed orders;
  • Customer care operational cost reduction;
  • Greater business intelligence, granting more visibility to each user's profile.

What you need to do

All VTEX stores already have the new app installed in a test environment, meaning that you can already perform the necessary adjustments using all of the My Account features without having to worry about the impact on user experience.

By adding new visual elements, the new My Account warrants a page revision together with the agency responsible for the your customization.

VTEX will massively migrate the new My Account on the 3rd of July 2019. It is therefore imperative to begin reviewing page customizations now.

For more on new My Account settings and functionality, access the documentation available on our Help page.

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