President Barack Obama to attend 7th edition of VTEX DAY

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The 44th President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama will speak at VTEX DAY, the biggest digital innovation event in Latin America.

Very few presidents set out on such improbable yet remarkable journey to the White House. Being elected with more votes than any other candidate in History, President Obama left his footprint as a symbol of leadership, diplomacy and hope.

In this edition, VTEX DAY will address how Brazilian companies can be the real protagonists of the digital revolution taking place around the world.

“To inspire Brazilian entrepreneurs and executives to think globally is one of the missions of the event. We believe that his words can touch the mind of every attendee and empower people”, said Alessandra Hypolito, Head of the event.

In previous editions, VTEX DAY also brought other inspiring names like the Founder of Virgin group, Richard Branson; the investor and vocalist of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson; and Marc Randolph, cofounder and first CEO of Netflix.

The event innovates in this edition, bringing an area of 3 thousand m2 devoted to the qualification and training of professionals in the sector of digital economy. More than 50 cases of digital innovation will be presented, including: Farm, Animale, C&A, Tok&Stok, PagMenos, McDonalds, Electrolux, The North Face, amongst others.

With an estimated public of 15 thousand people, VTEX DAY is amongst the biggest digital events in the world, adding Sao Paulo and Brazil as a center spreading digital knowledge in the world.

“There will be more than 100 specialists delivering lectures and training sessions. The public wants to have access to practical knowledge and real cases that have the power to inspire people and transform the reality of their businesses”, added Alessandra Hypolito.

VTEX DAY will also feature the traditional EXPO area, 30% bigger this year, with 43 thousand m2 and more than 150 enterprises focused on digital innovation, offering a wide range of solutions, products and services, including: Stone, Amazon AWS, AACT, Adyen, B2W Marketplace, Pag Seguro and Rede.

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Date: 30th and 31st May

Time: 30th May at 8.00 and 31st May at 9.00

Venue: São Paulo Expo

Event website:

Twitter: @VTEXTrueCloud

VTEX site:

The history of VTEX DAY

It’s the biggest event in Latin America in the segment of multichannel retail. The first edition was held in 2013 and gathered more than a thousand people to attend 40 lectures. In the following years, the congress has doubled its public and size, reaching 3,400 participants, more than 80 lectures and 6 simultaneous rooms in 2014. Last year, it gathered a public of 10,300 people, in 12 rooms and more than 150 lectures.

Some household names have been on the event’s stage, including Joaquim Barbosa, former president of the Brazilian Supreme Court; Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former president of Brazil; Bruce Dickinson, entrepreneur and vocalist of Iron Maiden; Luiza Trajano, director-superintendent of Magazine Luiza; Andreas Weigend, former chief scientist of Amazon; Richard Branson, British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin group; Sucharita Kodali, vice-president of Forrester Research; Paula Bellizia, president of Microsoft Brazil; and the co- founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph.

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