Your store's orders now display the currency used on the transaction

Cris David
Cris David
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As of 12/26/2018, the Orders Management module will display information about the currency and the country of origin of all orders. The change will make it easier to operate stores which sell products in more than one currency.

What changes

On the order's screen, it's value will be accompanied by a code representing the currency. For example, BRL or USD. That way, the Orders Management Report will get a new column: Currency Code will receive the codes which represent the order's currency.

Main advantages

Stores which sell in more than one country will have a simple and effective way to check for the currency used on a given order. Orders management becomes easier, as the experience of those who already sell (or are thinking of selling) globally gets even better.

Another point is, by enhancing the data consumption on the platform, we build the foundations to make our management tool more and more complete.

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