Order Management module Feed v1 and v2 discontinuation

Beatriz Osborne
Beatriz Osborne
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From July 25th, 2019, the Order Management Module Feed v1 and v2 will be discontinued, meaning that after this date, only Feed v3 will be available for use.
## Why is VTEX removing the older versions?

The new Feed v3 functionalities ensure that your store benefits from a better operational performance, gaining orders integration consistency.

The new version brings you a swifter and easier control of your orders feed files. With Feed v3, you can now insert filters in your calls and configure visibility timeouts for an event. Feed v3 also allows your system to listen to specific events. In addition, it is possible to uniquely configure event listening for each appKey. Therefore, an appKey that is integrating with an ERP can independently read events from an appKey that is integrating with a BI system, for example.

Feed v3 also has a Hook functionality to consume data from the orders queue. Should you opt for using Hook, notifications for the Hook configuration's chosen event will be sent to the desired endpoint.

What you need to do?

First, you need to configure Feed v3 to consume orders queue data. For more info, access our article on how to configure the feed.

For more on how the feed works, read our article on how the Orders Management Module feed works.

Should you want to use Hook, read our article on Feed v3 Hook configuration and use.

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