Optimize your invoicing with the new B2W Deliveries multiple tags resource

Isadora Bombonatti
Isadora Bombonatti
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Starting August 12th, VTEX will commence issuing multiple labels for B2W placed orders. This functionality will only be available for stores that operate in Brazil.

This change will follow the new order invoicing flow adopted by B2W deliveries - one of B2W's own logistics solutions.

What changes

Recently, B2W undertook some changes to its logistics flow. Henceforth, you must inform B2W how many shipment/packages the delivery should be divided into.

Once all the orders have been invoiced, VTEX will inform the number of ID tags to B2W for each package of a specific order.

Furthermore, B2W is responsible issuying the labels. This process result in these packages being shipped as part of different deliveries.

In addition, we would like to remind everyone that there is not limit to the number of tags or labels for each order, with as many ID tags being issued as needed.

How it works

The integration remains the same. However, understanding the new process is important.

In VTEX admin’s Order Management Module, the retailer should proceed with invoicing the order as usual, since B2W automatically be informed of the number of packages by VTEX.

Therefore, each of these packages will be invoiced by VTEX's system. Thereafter, the integration will change the order's status with B2W and the delivery flow will continue normally.

As soon as all items comprising an order have been invoiced by VTEX, the integration changes the order's status with B2W.

For more on how to implement the integration with B2W and benefit from this functionality, click here.

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