New object returned to API Get Order "cancelReason"

Fabio Barbosa
Fabio Barbosa
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As of May 10, 2019, JSON orders will return a new object called cancelReason. This object will return the reason filled by the user for the cancellation of an order.

Example of JSON with "cancel Reason":

    "sequence": "500367",
    "marketplaceOrderId": "",
    "marketplaceServicesEndpoint": "",
    "sellerOrderId": "00-922480366938-01",
    "origin": "Marketplace",
    "affiliateId": "",
    "salesChannel": "1",
    "merchantName": null,
    "status": "canceled",
    "statusDescription": "Cancelado",
    "value": 11000000,
    "creationDate": "2019-04-04T16:06:37.4898827+00:00",
    "lastChange": "2019-04-04T16:08:51.0329191+00:00",
    "orderGroup": "922480366938",
    "totals": [ ],
    "items": [ ],
    "marketplaceItems": [ ],
    "clientProfileData": { },
    "giftRegistryData": null,
    "marketingData": null,
    "ratesAndBenefitsData": { },
    "shippingData": { },
    "paymentData": { },
    "packageAttachment": { },
    "sellers": [ ],
    "callCenterOperatorData": null,
    "followUpEmail": "",
    "lastMessage": null,
    "hostname": "partnerslatam",
    "invoiceData": null,
    "changesAttachment": null,
    "openTextField": null,
    "roundingError": 0,
    "orderFormId": "fd5936d662e94b9cafb63a1ff8d92dd3",
    "commercialConditionData": null,
    "isCompleted": true,
    "customData": null,
    "storePreferencesData": { },
    "allowCancellation": false,
    "allowEdition": false,
    "isCheckedIn": false,
    "marketplace": {},
    "authorizedDate": null,
    "invoicedDate": null,
    "itemMetadata": {},
    "cancelReason": "The customer bought the wrong product size"
  • "cancelReason": "The customer bought the wrong product size"

Notice that the field value corresponds to the information filled in at the moment of cancellation of the order. json getorder 2

Main Advantages

The new field allows the ERP system to consume the information that was entered as justification for canceling an order. This field will soon be available in the report issued by the Order Management module.

What you need to do

It is imperative to review the integrations that use the Get Order APIs, such as ERP, for example. Those who are not prepared to receive the new answer need to be adjusted before April 30th, 2019.

To test this, you can use the beta route: https://{{accountName}}{{orderId}}

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