New working hours setup is now available for carriers

Cris David
Cris David
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Beginning 01/29/2019, you'll be able to set up the operating hours of the carriers registered on your store.

What changes

  • Addition of new fields, so you can set up the store's working hours.
  • Choose to accept purchases off the working hours. If the flag is not selected (and a product is sold during the time the store is not operating), it will not be considered while making shipping simulation.
  • New flag to determine if a carrier is enabled (before this, it was only possible to disable a carrier through the API).

How to set up

To set up the carrier working hours, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Inventory & Shipping, in the Admin's side menu.
  2. In the opening options, click on Dashboard.
  3. In the carriers column, click on the New carrier button or on an existing one.
  4. In the setup screen, you'll find the new Carrier enabled, Use carrier business hours, and Accept purchases off working hours flags. Those will allow the new setup options.

Next steps

Soon, we'll enable the definition of more time ranges per day. That way, stores that close during lunch hours, for example, will be able to register those periods too.

The default setup comes with all days selected, and working hours from 00:00 to 23:59 (local time).
While using the Carrier business hours option, you won't be able to use cut-off times. That means that you need to choose the option that best suits your store's needs.
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