Marketplaces: approve and manage SKUs with the new Received SKUs admin in beta.

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We're happy to announce that the new Received SKUs panel — formerly called Suggestions — is here to help VTEX marketplaces streamline processes. Part of our native solution to sell from multiple sellers, the new interface helps marketplaces approve and prioritize new SKUs faster and in bulk.

This open beta is the first in a series of product updates and improvements to come out over the next couple of months. So, what can you expect from it?

Bulk Cataloging

One of the first and principal improvements is the new way to select SKUs en masse — so you can approve or reject them in bulk. Aligned with our Styleguide, the bulk selection will make your work faster and better.


Ordering and Filtering

One of the challenges in managing items from multiple sellers is prioritizing your never-ending items list. To help you with that we've built a brand new ordering feature, where you can reorder all submissions according to price and – one of the main improvements – by inventory availability. See how many items are available at a glance, so you can approve the SKUs that will perform better.


This extends to the new filtering tool. See and filter SKUs by category, brand, and seller in a simple and intuitive way.


What we're working on right now

As we enter open beta, our team is 100% focused on validating and improving current features. But, in the upcoming weeks, will also release new capabilities and improvements. The short and medium roadmap includes:

  • Refuse SKUs and communicate to the seller why these were rejected. Follow changes and approve a previously rejected item.
  • Group and approve SKUs of the same product, at the same time.
  • Export as a spreadsheet (.xls).

Looking even further ahead

In the long term, the next step is to look at the other side of a marketplace operation: the seller.

For the months to come, we will be engaged in a redesign to improve how sellers submit new SKUs and manage interactions with marketplaces. This opens the possibility of new features and improvements such as more complete status and log updates, category and attributes mapping, and so on.

Want to know more about how to use the new Received SKUs panel? Check the updated Help Articles.

Good sales!

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