Manage your ads using the new VTEX Shopping Ads integration resource

Isadora Bombonatti
Isadora Bombonatti
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Since July 23rd, 2019, the VTEX Shopping Ads app, available solely to VTEX stores operating in Brazil, allows the use of existing Google Ads accounts.

What has changed

Previously, VTEX Shopping Ads created, without exception, a new Google Ads account. This made it impossible for users that already had an Ads account to link it to VTEX admin.

Therefore, users which already had Google Ads accounts managed their ad campaigns in Google’s panel, while the ecommerce was managed in VTEX admin.

The new process now allows a holistic business management, concentrated on a single platform, even for pre-existing Google Ads accounts.

Main advantages

  • Unified view of all a store’s campaigns;
  • Smart Shopping campaign creation and management in VTEX Shopping Ads.

To configure a campaign through VTEX Shopping Ads, click here.

To get VTEX Shopping Ads, simply check VTEX’s App Store.

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