Increase your sales with a new Order Authorization screen

Claudio Lima
Claudio Lima
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This tool allows to control order approvals with changes in their values. The changes exist in two ways: 1. Through possible asynchronies with the prices of a marketplace. 2. Through manual discounts, which can be applied by admins or telesales operators of the store.

What changes?

Now, instead of opening a ticket directly with the support, you can manage the authorization rules by admin. To do this, go to the path: Menu - Order Management - Order Authorization.


What you need to do

It is important to mention that the store will not lose the previous rules, which were done by opening a ticket to the support team. They will automatically update on the new screen.

Main Advantages

  • Set the order authorization rules to approve or deny up to x% discount. In this way, you avoid losing orders that would not integrate due to the divergence of price.
  • Increase your revenue.
  • Create rules to approve or deny orders with prices changed manually, according to the store's business scenario.
  • Have more independence on negotiations and add specific people to authorize orders that have had their prices modified manually.

Check out the tutorial and see how to use the new function.

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