Get to know Cartman: the new Checkout investigation tool

Isadora Bombonatti
Isadora Bombonatti
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Cartman is a tool that simulates, shares and investigates carts.

Aimed at e-commerce operators, the tool allows users to recreate different Checkout scenarios - making it possible to investigate scenarios and freely share information.

The tool is available to VTEX clients since November 2018.

How it works

The idea is for Cartman to offer features so that users may investigate different Checkout contexts.

To this end, Cartman offers a “simulated cart” in which e-commerce analysts, support and marketing teams can recreate recreate buying scenarios that customers face.

For example, a support analyst can, upon receiving a call, retrace the exact same buying flow as the customer and thus diagnose unexpected behaviors in the buying process.

What are its advantages?

  • Transparency: you can check any information about the products that are in the cart, such Category Id, EAN, Product Id, Quantity, Seller and SKU Id. In addition, Cartman also displays possible promotions and UTMs that are applied to that scenario.

  • Usability: one of its main advantages is its agility. Cartman's interface allows items to be added to the cart without users having to leave Checkout. The can be done by adding the SKU Id or Category Id values to the Cartman window itself.

  • Unlimited sharing: Cartman works with a shared link, meaning that once users have created their cart, the list of items can be sent to anyone, including to the customers themselves.

Operational use

Cartman is already available in all VTEX domains. However, it's possible to disable or enable it as many time as necessary.

A quick reminder that Cartman is not visible to your store customers, which ensures that the customer buying experience is never affected.

For more on Cartman, click here.

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