Get more agility managing your orders events with Feed v3

Beatriz Silva
Beatriz Silva
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Given the latest version demands, Feed v3 new features ensure better operating performance for your store. By introducing filters into your requests and a waiting time for an event display in your feed, the new version enables fast and easy control of your feed's records.

Advantages of Feed V3

  • Full view of records whenever there are events to be consumed in the queue.
  • Events filtering, reducing the amount of requests for consumption and commit.
  • Waiting time setting to display an event after it has been queried and not committed.
  • Empty request return only when there are no more events to be consumed in the queue.
  • Hook to report new events in real time, without the need for scheduled requests.

What changes

Once they are independent solutions, a migration is not needed and you can enable Feed v3 and simultaneously use the latest feed version integrated with your store. The release of Feed v3, therefore, does not impact the consistency of the events generated in your order queue.

What do you need to do

Find the step-by-step for the Feed v3 setup in our Order Management Feed v3

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