Gain more practicality when adding prices by spreadsheet using SKU metadata

Mariani Cavalini
Mariani Cavalini
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Our development team added another functionality to the pricing module. You can now use SKU metadata to help you update prices.

What changes

This functionality applies to the export and import prices by spreadsheet scenario. With this update, you will be able to export price tables containing more detailed SKU information. This new information is as follows:

  • SKU name
  • Product ID
  • Product name
  • Ref ID
  • EAN Code

Main improvements

This update brings more detailed and complete SKU information to the prices spreadsheet. This simplifies the price editing process, since the new data can facilitate communication between different systems.

Let's suppose that you receive a spreadsheet that originated in a different VTEX system, and that is made up of two columns: EAN data and price data.


You need to update the price of this SKU in your VTEX store, which means that you have to uncover which SKU ID has the EAN code 1234567890123. Since EAN information is now available in the export prices spreadsheet, you won't need to access the Catalog to search for this information.

As a result, editing the prices spreadsheet becomes easier and simpler.

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