From now on, you can create promotional price tables

Mateus Augusto Saggin
Mateus Augusto Saggin
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Now, you can create promotional price tables. To allow that, we've developed a new kind of discount for campaign benefits.

The new feature brings more flexibility and autonomy while creating more detailed special offers. With price table benefits, you can define the exact value of each item on your catalog.

We've developed the feature to replace the Maximum Price per Item promotion, that only could be used for up to 10 times (always respecting the 100-SKU-per-promotion limit).

What has changed?

The new feature is already available, and you need only to go through a simple setup process to use it. With just a few clicks, you'll have your price table ready to go.

What you need to do to use it

The first thing to do is creating a campaign. It will help you define the target audience of the price table benefit.

With the campaign ready and an audience definition, you must create a Campaign Benefit. In the setup page, you must select the Promotional Price Tables discount type. Then, the Select a price table field will appear, and you'll be able to choose which one of them will be used.

In case you still don't have a price table (or wish to create a new one), the Setting up a Price Table article will help you through.

After going through all the steps above, your promotional price table will be active and ready to use. Remember that it usually takes 10 minutes before a given benefit becomes available on your store.

The benefits that use price tables have a few characteristics that you must take into consideration while using them:
1- The price on the price table will only be applied if it is lower than the one defined on your store sales policy. For example: Imagine an item sold at $ 199,00. The price table will only alter this value if it was filled with a lower price.
2- Benefits which use price tables concur with each other and with all other benefits which interfere directly on prices. In other words, if there is more than one price table set on your store and, at least, one other active promotion (of the percentage, nominal, or formula types), the lowest value among them will be the one applied.
You can only set a single price table per benefit. Also, today we have a limit of 5 simultaneous price tables for each store.
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