Effortlessly create back-end apps with the new TypedQL Builder

Jonathan Korn
Jonathan Korn
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We've launched a new builder, which makes it easier to use GraphQL and TypeScript while developing back-end apps. The code writing and maintenance processes became simpler than ever.

How it is today

While developing apps with GraphQL and TypeScript, it's necessary to maintain two different protocol declarations in the /node folder: /graphql/schema.graphql and type declarations, using TypeScript.

That means code duplication, which makes it harder to manage and maintain the project. More than that, inconsistencies and bugs may appear more frequently.

TypedQL Builder's main advantages

The TypedQL Builder is the solution for all the problems of developing with both GraphQL and TypeScript:

  • Automatic generation of schema.graphql
  • Proper (and safe) translation from TypeScript into GraphQL
  • Takes full advantage of TypeScript's resources, previously unavailable for using with GraphQL SDL
  • Makes it possible to build an entire back-end app using only TypeScript

What's the impact?

Absolutely none. Because it's an optional solution, no feature, builder, or dependency is affected by the TypedQL Builder.

Learn more about the TypedQL Builder's features by visiting this VTEX Help article.

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