Ensure more safety and control on your Order Authorization screen

Beatriz Osborne
Beatriz Osborne
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From June 25th, 2019, users without access to Order Authorization will not be allowed to neither view nor edit the Order Authorization screen.

Seeking to ensure greater safety, we created the possibility to limit user access to order authorizations, allowing information to be edited or viewed by selected users. For more on Order Authorization, have a look at our feature launch announcement or read this tutorial explaining how it works.

Main Advantages

You can now restrict access to this functionality, avoiding that users which do have permission approve orders or alter authorization rules. In addition, the new version ensures more oversight over the changes that are implemented on the Order Authorization page, since you can now choose who has access or editing privileges.

What you need to do

Should you want to grant a user permission to view or edit Order Authorization rules, you must give this user the necessary access. In order to do this, you need to add a product called Order Authorization to the desired profile by following these steps:

  1. Access Account Management
  2. Access Profiles
  3. Click on New Profile or select an already existing user
  4. Click on Configure other product
  5. From the dropdown menu, select Order Authorization
  6. Choose the type of permission you wish to grant: either Save Configuration if you want to allow the user to edit and save changes, or View Configuration if you want the user to only view the Order Authorization page.
  7. Finally, click on Save.


Upon adding this new product to a profile, ensure that the desired users are in fact linked to this profile.

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